Improving Design of Your Tri-Fold Brochure

Tri-fold brochures are compulsorily used in marketing because these are handy, fits inside envelopes easily, and are convenient to display and store. This is a low cost printed publicity matter and is universally used by advertising agencies and sellers of goods and services. A tri-fold brochure is an indispensable publicity medium if you are opting for an affordable advertising instrument.

Principally there are three reasons for the dominance of this POS (point of sales) material in marketing domain:

  1. Increased dependence on Internet for publicity;
  2. Prevention of paper wastage;
  • Cutting down on advertising costs.

Increased dependence on Internet

Online publicity is now complementing conventional offline methods like outdoor advertising and media coverage. Brochures that are designed by affordable web design services cater to both online and offline viewers. These brochures being print ready could be printed for physical distribution or used online for Internet browsers.

A tri fold pamphlet has six faces and thus carries necessary information a potential buyer might be looking for. In the six faces different types of information might be inserted that are of interest for end-users. When these are printed, they are handy and could be inserted inside envelopes. Compared to multiple paged catalogues or single page pamphlets, a tri-fold printout is preferred by advertisers.

Prevention of paper wastage

If total surface area is calculated then they are same for single page format and a tri-fold variety. In case of a tri-fold type, a single A4 format is divided into six faces which could be folded into a single unit. As these six faces could carry different messages, a single tri-fold format effectively does the same task as three brochures carrying separate messages.

Cutting down on expenses

In today’s scenario of cut-throat competition the best way to remain competitive is to cut down on costs. Designing a concise POS (point of sales) material is a significant cost reduction endeavour.

For any website design agency in London it is therefore important to stress on improving tri-fold brochures as they are obligatory items for both offline and online publicity.


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