Outlining Website Content as a Preparatory Step towards Web Designing

For a web design company in the UK it is important to plan a page before it is actually created. This planning is easy for a professional designer but takes time for a beginner. In a page it is essential to plan content, images if any, and the actual layout. The thought process begins with planning a website first, and then its constituent pages.

Normally, each page should contain one idea so that there remains no confusion in viewers’ minds. For websites of commercial units, separate pages should be there for company’s history, products, support services, and contacts. This distribution could be made more elaborate depending upon the scale of organization. However, in its basic form a website normally should have four dedicated pages: i) home; ii) history/ about us; iii) products; and iv) contact us.


  • Home – Home page is usually the landing page of any website. This is like the introductory page of any book. There are a few lines about your business, your location, salient features, and your outlook.
  • History/ About us – Viewers are always interested to know your background, organizational strength, business objectives, vision and so on. Viewers need an insight into your organizational layout and attitude towards customers.
  • Products or services – This could be a single page or multiple pages depending upon the range of products or services that you could offer. One web page ideally should deal with a single range of product or service.
  • Contact us – The ulterior objective of any website is business generation. Contact us page gives details of your postal address, e-mail address, and website address. Other communication details like mobile number, phone number and customer relationship number might also be provided. Care needs to be taken that these numbers and addresses are part of text and not images.

While planning about these pages it is necessary for a web design company to decide on images or videos that might be included in your website. This planning is essential as without it no sites could be construed.


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